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the act of encamping and living in tents in a camp

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Cleaning the camping grounds costs the government around BD300,000 every year and takes months to complete.
Our memories of Skopje that afternoon are of very friendly people helping us, with very limited English, to find the camping ground on the edge of town.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-13 July 2004-Swedish cinemas winners and camping grounds losers in cool and rainy summer(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Rescuers worked frantically to sandbag raging waterways to stem flooding and to free those trapped at the camping grounds.
We would advise travellers to consider installing an alarm on your caravan or motor home and to avoid parking in isolated or dark areas of camping grounds or car parks'' The worst part of the ordeal for Mr and Mrs Gray is how close the thieves got to them while they slept.
The National Park will include outdoor recreational facilities, a rest house, picnic area, camping grounds, flower gardens, a golf course, a horse and bicycle track and a restaurant.
We weren't in boy scouts, in sports teams, or camping grounds.
With the technology provided by Live On Line and Kodak, they can choose from a variety of pull-down menus that will show photos in categories like Woodstock 99 bands/ artists as well as Woodstock 99 areas like backstage, camping grounds, crowd shots, the action lounge and the extreme sports park.
Capturing the feel of the night out in the woods, Samsung Hall was converted into a spacious, photo-op worthy camping grounds, with a tent, bonfire, and game booths to complete the camping experience.
072 million will be invested in improving caravan and camping grounds in the Mid-West in a bid to boost the number and length of stay of visitors to the region.
The GDN reported last year that cleaning the camping grounds costs the government around BD300,000 every year and takes months to complete.
The habitat is already being affected by camping grounds along the river, off-highway vehicle traffic and special uses allowed by permits, the report says, adding that the proposed mine mine could destroy the toad's habitat.
A stylish black-and-white drama running only 50 minutes, "The Glasshead" follows four playful college students who travel to their favorite camping grounds for a brief vacation.
Camping Service Centre head Mohammad Ebrahim Sisi told the GDN that around 25 per cent of camp sites had not been properly cleaned following the end of the season in March - with broken tents, carpets, old televisions and even sofas left strewn across the camping grounds in Sakhir.
Local Government Minister Tony Simpson said changes to the Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Regulations 1997 allowed more nature-based parks throughout WA, offering families an affordable way to holiday and enjoy the State s natural assets.