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a small outdoor fire for warmth or cooking (as at a camp)

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That means campfires are now allowed outside developed camping areas and limitations around smoking and the use of chainsaws have been lifted.
This year, that act is definitely Campfires In Winter.
I had the immediate fear that one of life's greatest pleasures was going to prove to be harmful to the environment and I would have to make a choice--give up my campfires or sit in guilty pleasure while the stars twinkled, the northern lights shimmered and the campfire danced.
PC Robin Mellor, who patrols the area, said that as well as illegal parking there had been reports of overnight camping and campfires at the car park.
In addition to chopping firewood and cooking over campfires, the 52,000 Boy Scouts in Los Angeles can now team to "be prepared" to protect intellectual property.
Past Tents: The Way We Camped" by Susan Snyder (director of Access Services in The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley) is a photographic and descriptive history of family outings during the first years of the automobile, and of campgrounds and campfires against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada, of the special gear and 'helpful' hints for vacationing in the newly formed state and national parks and forests.
Campfires are allowed only in approved sites, and portable stoves and lanterns may be used only with valid permits available at U.
With The Ritz-Carlton Lodge Family Fun Manual guiding the way, the "Kids Campfires and Couples Candlelight" package -- starting at $915* per evening for a family of four, March 17, 2006 - Nov.
CAMPFIRES and midnight feasts awaited young pupils from St Lawrence Primary School, in Napton, when they swapped their usual subjects like English and maths for a trip away.
By Cheyenne Campfires is a classic collection of Cheyenne tales recorded and compiled by George Bird Grinnell in the early 20th century.
Relaxed gender roles and antihomophobia powwows coexist with traditional activities such as canoeing, pottery, and campfires.
Campfires weren't banned in the area, but extreme drought heightened the fire danger and permits were required.
Gradually, youth campers started to come over and join the family campfires on the hill.
When camping is over I will always remember Friendliness of campfires And the last glowing ember
And we sat around campfires and sang under the stars.