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a Mexican city on the Bay of Campeche

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a Mexican state on the eastern part of the Gulf of Campeche

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In December 2013, the Campeche state legislature unanimously approved legislation to allow civil unions for both same-sex and opposite-sex couples, a step short of marriage.
During the interim period while the ownership of Oceanografia remains unresolved, authorities have made every effort to keep the company afloat in order to preserve thousands of jobs in Campeche state.
In March, a federal court ordered authorities to rescind a permit to plant genetically engineered soy plants in Campeche state.
In the case of Oceanografia, a company based in Ciudad del Carmen in Campeche state, the company is alleged to have fraudulently obtained millions of dollars in loans from Mexico's largest bank Grupo Financiero Banamex (SourceMex, March 19, 2014).
Opponents of the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Mexico scored a victory in mid-March when a federal court ordered the federal government to rescind a permit to plant genetically engineered soy plants in Campeche state.
Speaking to reporters during a recent visit to Campeche state in mid-February, the tourism secretary said the publicity about the AH1N1 virus and the violence in Michoacan state (SourceMex, Jan.
Legislators in Campeche state are considering a similar measure.
PEMEX and local officials said some of the spilled oil was expected to reach towns like Centla and Nuevo Campechito in Campeche state and the San Pedro River near the border of Campeche and Tabasco.
In addition to expanding deep-water exploration, the Calderon government has also intensified efforts to extract oil from the Ku-Maloob-Zaap complex, 104 km northeast of Ciudad del Carmen in Campeche state.
The PRI lost some mayoral seats in Campeche state to the PRD-PT-PCD coalition.
The oil company has faced criticism from the fishing industry in Campeche state for its seismic oil-exploration practices, which use explosive blasts to test for potential deep-water deposits.