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United States mythologist (1904-1987)

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And now I am afraid Campbell will be here before there is time to dress a steak, and we have no butcher at hand.
Campbell had merely "seen" it, but Elam Harnish, corning next, had tossed in five hundred dollars, with the remark to MacDonald that he was letting him in easy.
It cost Campbell likewise nine hundred to remain and draw cards, but to the surprise of all he saw the nine hundred and raised another thousand.
The next moment the hundred and odd pairs of eyes shifted to Campbell.
I ain't got a hunch, but I got a tolerable likeable hand," Campbell announced, as he slid in his slip; "but it's not a raising hand.
He sure is," Daylight agreed, after Campbell had thrown up his hand.
For several years my husband received letters of expostulation or commendation from members of the Campbell and Stewart clans.
Three days before the election, Environment Minister Ian Campbell sent a letter to local residents saying that a vote for Broadbent was a vote against wind turbines.
Campbell, a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, felt there was a lot of stuffiness associated with tea drinking in London that kept potential enthusiasts away.
As a senator, Campbell served as vice chair of the Business and Professions Committee and the Labor and Industrial Relations Committee.
Campbell, her husband, and son made the move from Los Angeles to Missoula in 1997 when she was invited to teach ballet at the University of Montana and be artistic director at the Missoula Dance Academy.
Campbell, who has turned out 10 albums in as many years, is firmly rooted in the musical, religious, and literary traditions of the South.
Campbell Hall's defense held Rio Hondo on its ensuing possession, but a 40-yard punt pinned the Vikings at their own 5.
Now Campbell hopes the publication of 72 Hour Hold accomplishes two things: "Of course, I want to sell a lot of books, but I also want readers to come away with a better understanding of brain diseases, and of the need to fight against the stigmas that come with that.
The marathon case began when the late Curtis Campbell sued his insurer, State Farm, claiming that the nation's largest personal-lines insurance company had failed to protect his interests after he was involved in a 1981 auto accident.