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a small outdoor fire for warmth or cooking (as at a camp)

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I clipped along, and all of a sudden I bounded right on to the ashes of a camp fire that was still smoking.
So I took my gun and slipped off towards where I had run across that camp fire, stopping every minute or two to listen.
What's de use er makin' up de camp fire to cook strawbries en sich truck?
Number Thirteen noticed that when they addressed him it was always as Bulan, and upon questioning them he discovered that they had given him this title of honor partly in view of his wonderful fighting ability and partly because the sight of his white face emerging from out of the darkness of the river into the firelight of their blazing camp fire had carried to their impressionable minds a suggestion of the tropic moon which they admired and reverenced.
The contestants would participate in different competitions including Quiz, speech contests, camp fire, he added.
Mohammed Abkar told Arab News that he is good at "equestrian skills and I have participated in Riyadh, Dammam and Qassim, and today I'm taking part in this Camp Fire festival.
The pilot badge started just before Christmas with events including Brownies and Rainbows from Northenden in the city, putting on a play at a sheltered housing court in South Manchester and arranging an indoor camp fire with story-telling and craft sessions.
The fire broke out after a man's camp fire allegedly got out of hand.
During the training, competition of Naats, debates, paring projects, installation of camps, outdoor camps, examination camp, First Aid, camp fire will also be held among participants.
Three members of Camp Fire Wilani - Jacari Collins, Marissa Freeny and Alexandra Funderburk - will receive Wohelo awards at 3 p.
CAMP fire party groups who let off fireworks are threatening wildlife along the Welsh coast, Natural Resources Wales has warned.
Show bosses wanted sparks to fly when the trio got on their hands and knees to try to make a camp fire.
The four day camp culminated in a camp fire at the camp site inside INA on 12th Sep.
Wide shot, people standing around a camp fire in the light rain
In a statement to KUNA Thursday, Hamada said, after a meeting with Lebanese Minister of Social Affairs Rashid Darbas that "the organization considered camp fire as an emergence case and take a quick decision to rebuild it and to provide aid to displaced refugees.