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a secret society in Naples notorious for violence and blackmail

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After the generally grim chapters on the Cosa Nostra and 'Ndrangheta, the exploits of the Camorra women offer more liberation and twisted humor.
The non-profit cooperative operates in the mafia-dominated neighborhood of Barra in the city's east to educate "the children of Camorra," the Naples mafia, in the art of circus, theater and parkour.
La presencia y poder de la 'Ndrangheta en Calabria y de la Camorra napolitana mantienen su dominio en sus respectivos territorios.
Many reports, based on evidence given by a former Camorra gang member, said that Scotti had died soon after his escape.
He urged residents of the blighted area, which has often been the battleground of Camorra clans fighting each other for control of drug trafficking and extortion rackets, not too let criminals rob them of their hope.
Roberto Bracco, camorra, Salvatore Di Giacomo, drammaturgia, Napoli
If Camorra wanted to pressurisee De Luca they would have sent him two men in double-breasted suits.
The secret criminal society known as the Camorra was formed in which city in about 1820?
Les Hautes Solitudes, Camorra, The French Conspiracy (L'Attentat), and The Wild Duck (Die Wildente).
However, Arena is a convicted Camorra assassin, serving a life sentence in a Tuscan jail for his part in gunning down three men on the streets of Naples 20 years ago.
Italy's Bloodiest Mafia (11pm) The Camorra crime syndicate of Naples has been active for more than a century.
Questa presentazione disorientante della realta mafiosa vuole andare al di la del ruolo prettamente passivo e voyeuristico del cinema hollywoodiano, alludendo quindi a una realta sfuggevole che nella maggioranza dei casi si presenta agli abitanti dei quartieri infestati dalla camorra come disorientante e incomprensibile.
The area is home of the Casalesi clan of the Neapolitan Camorra.
Summary: Italian police have arrested Ludovico Ucciero for allegedly helping the Camorra crime clan.
Camorra and Ndrangheta are the other bigger organisations.