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fabric dyed with splotches of green and brown and black and tan

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Mors que le rapport des auteurs francais ou belge a l'epopee est largement determine par l'absence d'une grande epopee nationale, Pessoa, lui, aimerait depasser Camoes dont les Lusiades ne lui semble plus refleter le Portugal moderne.
The overall effect of the passage is further enhanced by the line "ditosa patria que tais filhos pariu," which conflates a patriotic sentiment from Camoes with the vulgar curse "a puta que te pariu" ("son of a bitch").
He then goes on to elaborate on Portuguese art, the monastery of Batalha, and Portugal's major poet of the Renaissance, Luis de Camoes and his epic masterpiece, The Lusiads (1572).
Nicolas Meihuizen se Ordering empire, waarin hy die representasie van die bemoeienis van empire in Suidelike Afrika ondersoek aan die hand van die werk van Luis Vaz de Camoes, Thomas Pringle en Roy Campbell, steun op hierdie beginsel van epistemiese periodisering.
Note: Some of this material draws on the author's interviews with the CPLP, Fundacao Oriente and Instituto Camoes in September 2007.
If, however, as Helgerson explains, Mickle's "misreading" of Camoes' epic of conquest as an "epic of commerce" was intended to celebrate the triumph of a mercantilism which Camoes himself sought to suppress in favor of the nobility of empire, Silva Lisboa's "retrospective renaming" of empire entailed bringing both its aristocratic and commercial dimensions to the fore.
As he explains in an essay on Camoes, he read Dante and Camoes "sin saber ni el italiano, ni el portugues" (Paginas de Jorge Luis Borges, 238) [without knowing Italian or Portuguese], but in the rest of the same sentence he explains that he had forgotten his Latin and that "el olvido del latin .
En el caso de Cervantes, dos de los dramaturgos que pudieran proveer modelos para su propio teatro serian, sin duda, Juan de Timoneda y Luis de Camoes.
Still, in his vindication of the sonnet Wordsworth marshalled a distinguished array of continental poets, Petrarch, Torquato Tasso, Camoes, and Dante, alongside the British Shakespeare, Spenser, and Milton, the last revered by Wordsworth as the preeminent creator of sonnets springing from "the strife/That animates the scenes of public life" (Wordsworth, 125).
Camoes is our Dante or Cervantes, but, in the 20th century and on both sides of the Atlantic, Pessoa and Jorge Amado have helped immensely to make our heritage known and valued.
It does have to do with narrative, but the narratives which are invoked to discuss eighteenth- and nineteenth-century modernity are literary and philosophical, ranging from Leibniz, Schlegel, and Camoes to Lukacs and Walter Benjamin.
Throughout it all Luis Camoes pens his epic poem The Lusiads, to which The Return of the Caravels owes its unique style.
He cites instances where the Portuguese history of exploration and the writings of Camoes define their self-identification.
Eduardo Camoes Brazilian artist; seaports and coastal
Munitis, who enhanced his reputation with several Euro 2000 camoes in Spain's run to the quarter-finals, returns to his old stamping ground with Real Madrid tonight.