Camelus dromedarius

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one-humped camel of the hot deserts of northern Africa and southwestern Asia

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In the present work, we describe the cloning and heterologous expression in Eschericia coli BL21 (DE3) of the enzyme CdGSTP1-1 from Camelus dromedarius.
En 1758 Linneo describio las dos especies domesticas de los CSA como Camelus glama (llama) y Camelus pacos (alpaca) y las situo junto con los camelidos del Viejo Mundo Camelus dromedarius (dromedario) y Camelus bactrianus (camello) en un solo genero (Wheeler, 1995).
Carcinoma de Celulas Escamosas en un Camelus dromedarius Reporte de un Caso
To investigate this possibility, in this paper vimentin expression and distribution was characterized in the hypothalamus and hypophysis of adult male Camelus dromedarius as a factor involved in the cell remodeling.
2004) and Peruvian Vicuna (Hoffman, 2004) but different from Camelus dromedarius (Ansari-Renani, 2008; 2010) where more than 3 primary follicles were found per follicle group.