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any of several shrubs or small evergreen trees having solitary white or pink or reddish flowers

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The most obvious sporting occurs where red and white camellias have been crossed to produce a mottled or flecked double flowered hybrid.
Margaret Greene, by email: I think the single camellias are much easier to get to root.
Depending on the variety there are camellias that bloom either in autumn, winter and early spring.
Since then camellias, though going in and out fashion at different periods, remain a top favourite for British gardeners.
Q: I have some mature, 8-foot, multi-stem camellias that have been successfully living in a bed with azaleas in Virginia Beach.
Natasha Munday Natasha Munday ASOME A SOME camellias are perfect for growing in containers.
Natasha Munday A SOME camellias are perfect for growing in containers.
Camellias make a perfect Mother's Day gift ASK CAROL QWE want to buy our mum a lovely shrub to grow in a tub that will look good all year round, especially around Mothering Sunday.
Camellias are handsome evergreen shrubs with glossy foliage and showy rose-like flowers that come in a variety of colors.
THE letter by John Wolfenden (DP, Mar 12), describing how the camellias planted by the late Very Rev Ingram Cleasby (as described in his Daily Post obituary) were ripped up and burned two years ago, highlights an un-Christian attitude by those in charge which beggars belief.
reticulata, the Williamsii hybrids responsible for the popularity of camellias in northern climates, and other selected hybrids.
Camellias thrive in fertile, well-drained lime-free soil with plenty of added compost, in a sheltered site in light shade or sun, provided the soil stays moist in summer.
A A Camellias are a bit picky in their requirements, but get them right and you will have a thriving plant that blooms its heart out every year.
Overhead irrigation of camellias, in depositing water on leaf, stem, bud and flower surfaces, should be avoided.