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Mean rain-fed yields of current camelina varieties are around 890 pounds per acre (1,000 kilograms per hectare) (George et al.
A research to establish effects of explant sources and plant growth regulators on Camelina [Camelina sativa (L.
18% with a 20 % blend which is using alternative fuel from coconut, babassu, jatropha, cooking oil and camelina.
letter for genome-edited Camelina during the second quarter.
The results suggested that the drought tolerance potential of camelina is positively associated with the regulation of gas exchange characteristics and accumulation of osmoprotectants.
Acetamiprid was the most effective insecticide to control aphid in both varieties of Camelina sativa.
A switch from cotton to camelina will not only be more profitable but also essential for improving the environment in Azerbaijan and the other Caspian countries, mainly in Kazakhstan, Caucasian/Caspian parts of Russia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan (see this volume's surveys of Kazakhstan in Nos.
Grown and produced in Spain, the Camelina oil product is funded by an EU programme, the Initiative Towards sustAinable Kerosene for Aviation (ITAKA) and provided by ITAKA partner, the Camelina Company Espana (CCE).
Camelina sativais a short season (85-100 days) flowering plant and belongs to family Brassicaceae.
Over the past decade or so, Agricultural Research Service scientists at several locations across the country have conducted multi-faceted studies aimed at making novel oilseed crops like camelina more profitable for farmers to grow, easier for industry to process, and better performing as finished biofuels or other products.
Camelina oil is one such oil experiencing a rise in popularity.
Sustainable Oils is the only company with patented Camelina seed varieties, which are proven to produce higher and more consistent yields over wild-type varieties.
com)-- Smart Earth Seeds is pleased to announce that Camelina meal has been approved for the first time in Canada for use in broiler chicken feed.
Q What is camelina oil, and is it a healthy alternative oil?
While Ilham Aliyev (there are too many Aliyevs in Azerbaijan) has followed Tehran's lead in not working properly on harnessing what the Caspian Sea and its southern coast-line offers in terms of renewable energy resources, such as a sturdy plant called camelina sativa or geo-thermal power from the mud volcanoes.