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a soft tan cloth made with the hair of a camel

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Wool and silk are the most common materials in an Oriental rug, although cotton and camel hair are used as well.
Less than an hour later the Spurs fans burst into an impromptu rendition of "One-nil to the Tottenham" and George Graham, sitting high up in the stand, shoulders hunched in a sleek and expensive camel hair trenchcoat which probably cost as much as your a verage third division footballer, was wreathed in smiles.
According to Olympic Bedding, more than 20 Connecticut stores were sold mattresses with camel hair, including Carolina Furniture Outlet, Bedding for Less, Mattress Wholesalers, Rooms Above the Rest, and Torrington Mattresses.
Group - half a dozen or so, one in a camel hair coat, very burly.
First wife Barbara Rose says, What Frank wanted was a blonde Smith girl with a camel hair coat and that was me,, and then shuffles off.
Winitz, the president and founder of Claremont Rug Company, said, "The Bostonian Collection includes a total of 35 antique Persian rugs woven 1800 to 1850 and 15 highly sought after undyed camel hair rugs dating back to ca 1830.
It is known for using upmarket fabrics such as camel hair, alpaca and cashmere in its clothing.
Brush 4 "inch camel hair plastic handle,of 5 gl bucket for traffic paint blue,gallon de xylene,lush plush roller
In layering, colour is understated and predominantly neutral with texture integral to the range; choose from cashmere, camel hair and textured silk bedspreads for the ultimate statement in modern interior luxury.
Summers bring warm weather but winters are harsh so locals don camel hair clothing, renowned for its wonderful warmth.
The black-and-white image shows the fresh-faced future music legend aged 17, dressed in a heavy camel hair coat in Liverpool's Lime Street in 1958.
Among the gifts were a 9ft blanket made from camel hair.
An investigation last October found some jumpers on sale claiming to be 100% cashmere actually contained traces of camel hair, rabbit fur and wool.
He was already eight years into his killing spree; DAPPER: A meal out and, right, smart camel hair coat; GENIAL HOSTS: Shipman and Primrose would hold barbecues; in his beloved back garden.