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McAllen is one of the largest cities in the Rio Grande Valley, and will serve as a key addition for the Cambria brand, which is experiencing immense growth," said Michael Murphy, senior vice president, upscale brands, Choice Hotels International.
Dafydd ap Llywelyn Trophy: 1 Cath James Jeni Harris, Coleg Cambria
Cambria Africa had earlier cleared a dispute with the former manager over 'alleged fraudulent misrepresentations' in July 2013 for $2.
Cambria Suites properties are specially designed for lifestyle travelers and Choice Hotels is continually working with established franchisees to bring the Cambria experience to key markets, such as Miami.
8220;We are delighted that Krisann has chosen to join us,” said Colleen Gentry, Cambria principal and coaching practice co-leader.
Choice Hotels International Inc (NYSE:CHH), a US-based company that franchises more than 5,800 hotels in US and other countries, has announced a new Cambria Suites hotel in Washington DC, US.
Additionally, Cambria recycles and recovers 100 percent of the water used in its processes through settling and filtering techniques and the product's GREENGUARD certifications make projects that use it eligible for one LEED point in any LEED-certified building project in the Indoor Environmental Quality category.
color) Cambria Smith is the new president of the Valley Interfaith Council.
Back when this area was busy with whaling, mining, and logging, Cambria was known as Slabtown.
We had decided to test-drive this clutchless 6-speed from Los Angeles to Monterey and back, overnighting at picturesque Cambria six miles south of the famed Hearst Castle.
Enter Coheed and Cambria, whose The Second Stage Turbine Blade depicts the inner workings of some far-off galaxy, sort of like if Blade Runner had an indie rock soundtrack.
In Haynsworth, 68 TC 703 (1977), the Tax Court reached the same conclusion, citing Cambria Development Co.
NASDAQ: OPXA), a company dedicated to the development of patient-specific cellular therapies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and diabetes, is scheduled to present at the Cambria Capital Investor Meeting in Salt Lake City on Thursday, April 9, 2009 at 3:45 p.
NYSE: CHH), one of the world's largest hotel companies, announced it has signed an agreement with Integrated 32 West Randolph LLC, an affiliate of Murphy Asset Management, LLC to develop a new Cambria hotel & suites in the Loop area of downtown Chicago, IL.
Independent analysis of the social and economic impact of Coleg Cambria on the economy of North East Wales was carried out by Economic Modelling Specialists International (EMSI).