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Synonyms for Cambodian

a native or inhabitant of Cambodia

of or relating to or characteristic of Cambodia or its people or language


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At present, CPF's chicken processing plant at Nakhon Ratchasima is employing 2,300 Cambodian workers, all of whom are directly hired by the firm, Mr.
Some 400,000 Cambodians including those who departed have reportedly worked and stayed in Thailand.
Scores of volunteers have donated food, clothing, blankets and other household items to those now living in temporary housing and The Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association, a nonprofit that has been helping Cambodians in Lowell for three decades, has set up a fundraising campaign on the crowd-funding website gofundme.
In a short introduction McLellan provides some information on Canada's immigration policies that allowed for the Cambodians to immigrate to Canada, pertinent theoretical topics such as diaspora and transnationalism, social capital and generational differences, and then describes her methodological approach as participant observation and interviews over a twelve-year period.
The Cambodian killing fields, the emptying of the cities, the mindless xenophobia--all that may yet return.
We are bridging that digital divide -- bringing the benefits of technology to Cambodians by providing valuable services to richer countries.
Fighting continued for a seventh straight day Thursday between Cambodian and Thai forces, according to Cambodian officials.
Gallup's data suggest Cambodians may be reluctant to risk leadership change.
By tradition the Cambodian monks must remain on temple grounds during the three-month period.
Despite the extreme shortage of monks and teachers, Cambodians in both Cambodia and the diaspora continue to strive to re-create religious and cultural traditions, and to redefine their significance as crucial icons of national and individual identity.
Thailand unilaterally barred Cambodians and Thais from crossing the border checkpoints Jan.
At the same time, Nesbitt said, `We basically had to build a whole new firming infrastructure, including a system of national agricultural research/or the Cambodians to later take over.
The only previous mental-health investigation among non-Western refugees, published in 1993, found high levels of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among Cambodians who fled to Thailand.
Cambodians can now enjoy arts and entertainment from home anywhere in the world," said Daniel Edmundson, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, of HomeViewMedia.
Many Cambodians actually welcomed the Khmer Rouge forces when they marched into Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital, on April 17, 1975.