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has cams attached to it

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Figure 6 shows distribution of stresses on cam shaft also figure 7 shows distribution of strain on cam shaft.
The broken cam shaft that took Hornaday out of the race was the culmination of an admirable effort to stay in the race.
Another 3000 miles later, the cam shaft is noisy again and there appears to be a lot of scoring on the tops of the cams.
A servo motor control is added to the main cam shaft and cone drive.
Flat and cut tires, a broken cam shaft and blown motors have contributed to Hornaday's run of bad luck.
Tenders are invited for Essential Spare Parts Of Po 36 Fb18 Offset Machine 1 Vaccume Belt 6 Nos 2 Air Distributor Cam 01 No 3 Nylon Belt 06 Nos 4 Runner Spring 12 Nos 5 Delivery Gripper Runner Pin Left And Right 03 03 Nos 6 Side Lay Pin And Bush 01 No 7 Dempaner Levers And Bush 01No 8 Universal Joint 01 No 9 Cam Shaft Separator 01 No 10 Feeder Pawl Spring 01No 11 Separator Lever Forword Sucker 01No 12 Piston Cover Plate And Lock With Pipe Pin 01 No 13 Bush 06 Nos 14 Stock Registration Pawl 01 No Total 45 Nos
provided precision grinding systems to finish the new engine's crank and cam shafts and an automated assembly system to insert valve seats and cam shaft caps.
Tenders are invited for Generator End Cam Shaft R-9 For Stiffer Cam Shaft Dlw Drg.
Tenders are invited for Generator End Cam Shaft L-9 For Stiffer Camp Shaft Dlw Drg No Tpe-16-0045 Alt -Udlw Part No 10216820
Tenders are invited for Dowel For Stiffer Unit Cam Shaft Size-3/8 X1 To Pl No.
Tenders are invited for Cam Milling Inserts And Insert Fixing Screw For Stiffer Cam Shaft As Per Specification No.
Tenders are invited for A Set Of Locking Plate Consist Of 1 Fuel Pump Lever Fulcrum To Support For Stiffer Unit Cam Shaft As Per Drg No.