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has cams attached to it

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Figure 6 shows distribution of stresses on cam shaft also figure 7 shows distribution of strain on cam shaft.
The broken cam shaft that took Hornaday out of the race was the culmination of an admirable effort to stay in the race.
Another 3000 miles later, the cam shaft is noisy again and there appears to be a lot of scoring on the tops of the cams.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of N1 Different Type Of Valves For Cnc Cam Grinding M/C And Cnc Cam Shaft Grinding M/C As Per Annexure Make - Rexroth N2 Solenoid Valve Part No - 4we 6d62 / E G24 N9 K4 Make - Rexroth
provided precision grinding systems to finish the new engine's crank and cam shafts and an automated assembly system to insert valve seats and cam shaft caps.
Tenders are invited for Procurment Of Crank Shaft And Cam Shaft For Koel 6K12ta 250 Kva
Special Key Cam Shaft Gear Pl No 10240469 Drg No 15D75046 Alt-Y Qty.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of Surface Table And Assembly Fixture For Measuring Run Out Of Cam Shaft As Per The Specifications Enclosed.
Cam Shaft Brass Plate Cam Dowel Pin E-Clips , F Auxilliary Switch Mounting Plate, G Bracket For Special Screw, H Special Screw, I Rear Mounting Bracket For Auxiliary Switch.
Tenders are invited for Cam Shaft Vibration Damper Assly Ls Rs Main Drawing No.
Tenders are invited for Cam Shaft Set Wdp1 Fully Machined Of 06 Segments Part No.