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a river in east central England that flows past Cambridge to join the Ouse River

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a rotating disk shaped to convert circular into linear motion

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Requiring physician referral would imply that the physicians in a network understand and appreciate the appropriate uses of CAM therapy, thus requiring considerable education and "buy in" among existing providers.
CNC and tracer mills, full 3-D CAD/ CAM, EDM, and three tryout presses with up to 72 x 144 in.
At the same time he was reading about Marshall's lost medal, he got a call from a young man whose father had served with Cam in Easy Company.
By far, the most consequential recommendation is that federal health plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, begin to cover CAM treatments.
Such Web cams - also called Net cams or live cams - are popping up everywhere.
Designs, builds and rebuilds hot-runner, insulated-runner, cam, unscrewing, short-run aluminum, and beryllium molds.
Automatic tools, product engineering, mold repair, model making, engraving, and CAD design and CAM machining of molds.
We have seen the world through the eyes of a simian, with the legendary Monkey Cam on David Letterman's show.
Certified Apartment Manager * CAM Jennifer Akers, CAM, NALP Kara Alien, CAM Wildwood Jill Alvarado, CAM Ashley Baxley, CAM MAA Rachael Bostick, CAM, NALP IMT Anderson Mill Chasity Bowles, CAM Cohen Esery Donna Burkhalter, CAM Laura Camp, CAM Barrington Lakes Apts.
Certified Apartment Manager * CAM Chelsea Aldrich, CAM UDR Tanner Andrews, CAM Continental Property Mgmt.
Specializes in multimold projects requiring complex cam actions, unscrewing, and interchangeable components for packaging, electronics, medical and industrial markets.