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a magnoliid dicot genus of the family Calycanthaceae including: allspice

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The species that have proven successful for us include sweet pepper-bushy clethera, sweet spire Itea virginica, strawberry shrub Euonymous americanus, beauty-berry Callicarpa americana and sweet shrub Calycanthus floridus, among others.
Native species offer attractive, often beautiful flowers such as the racemes of clethera and itea, the subtle perfume of Calycanthus, and the unique flowers of Callicarpa and Euonymous.
Pointing to a shrub with deep red chrysanthemum-like blooms he said, "In the books, this plant is called sweet shrub or Calycanthus.
and having gained its summit, enjoyed a most enchanting view; a vast expanse of green meadows and strawberry fields; a meandering river gliding through, saluting in its various turnings the swelling, green, turfy knolls, embellished with parterres of flowers and fruitful strawberry beds; flocks of turkeys strolling about them; herds of deer prancing in the meads or bounding over the hills; companies of young, innocent Cherokee virgins, some busy gathering the rich fragrant fruit, others having already filled their baskets, lay reclined under the shade of floriferous and fragrant native bowers of Magnolia, Azalea Philadelphus, perfumed Calycanthus, sweet Yellow Jassamine and cerulean Glycenefrutescens.