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of or relating to or characteristic of Calvinism or its adherents

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Although sectarian, they "moved nimbly between black Calvinistic sectarianism and optimistic ecumenism (p.
Between 1927 and 1938 he saw the church grow tenfold to more than 800, and for a decade he filled chapels throughout Wales with his passionate Calvinistic preaching.
Capel Aberfan - formerly known as Aberfan Calvinistic Methodist Chapel - and furnished with a memorial organ to those lost in the Aberfan disaster is to go up for auction at the end of the month PICTURES: James Davies (c)
In them he retells the political history of seventeenth-century England from beginning to end, then the religious history of the same period, then the history of Calvinistic Baptism, and finally the biography of his subject.
He stoutly defended his Calvinistic orthodoxy whilst embracing the spirit of the Scottish Enlightenment, thus vexing conservatives in church, university, and politics.
The late Wilfred Cantwell Smith, one of the greatest historians of religion in the 20th century, suggested that Christians of a Calvinistic background (like himself) were connaturally disposed to understand the religious traditions of Islam.
He told me he sees a "clash of civilizations" between the United States and the Holy See, between a worldview that is essentially Calvinistic and one that is shaped by Catholicism.
Indeed, apart from the work of the Baptist, Calvinistic Methodist, Congregational, and Wesleyan churches, it is likely that Welsh would be in worse shape today as a living language than it is.
Keefer's thesis is that the A-Text of 1604 is the more reliable, though the 'more troubling', because it preserves a Calvinistic element which is softened or removed in the B-Text of 1616.
Humanitarian efforts, however well-meaning, may help bring about this sad result, although the few must save the many or the many will fall--a personal extension of the Calvinistic doctrine familiar to Robinson as part of his heredity and environment.
He provides ample research to support this belief: the Baptist belief in the autonomy of the local church, a softening of Calvinistic soteriology, and that an educated ministry did not necessarily fit well into a region that was embracing the American Dream and Jacksonian Democracy.
Recruitment only began to improve when the Reverend John Williams, Brynsiencyn an influential Calvinistic Methodist Minister was appointed in November 1914 as Chaplain General to what was called the Welsh Army.
He is a deacon with the Calvinistic Methodists and is very faithful to his Saviour.
Mrs Morgan's parents were Welsh speakers and attended Bethel Welsh Calvinistic Chapel.
Funeral Services will be held at 1:00 PM Saturday, July 10 at the Calvinistic Congregational Church in Hardwick, Mass.