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the theological system of John Calvin and his followers emphasizing omnipotence of God and salvation by grace alone

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Calvinism and Arminianism have shaped historic sets of theological debates among Protestant Christians.
The insistence in this book of a connection to Puritanism and Calvinism distracts readers from the actual religious influences on antislavery activism and rhetoric--the Great Awakenings.
Sanford shows that their worldviews arose out of an orthodox and reconstructionist form of Calvinism which lamented the brokenness of the modern world and the necessity of transforming it in order to ready it for Christ.
While this book is limited in that it does not address Fuller's full theology, its emphasis on his soteriology is timely in light of the rise of Calvinism in Baptist life in America today.
Calvinism (the theology of Puritanism) certainly does not encourage speculation about the divine, and Milton's stated aim of justifying the ways of God to man in Paradise Lost would be neither permitted nor encouraged by these sober divines: ".
Like it or not, Calvinism has become a symbol of all that is puritanical, judgmental, and rigid about Protestant belief and behavior.
Calvinism is busy to free itself from an oppressive service provider.
North American Dutch Calvinism has increasingly become part of its landscape, and clergy, laity and intellectuals alike have become, to a greater or lesser degree, increasingly preoccupied with the same issues confronting the rest of North American Protestantism--for example, developments in biblical criticism and hermeneutics, the rise of feminism, the mega- and meta-church movements, and the secularization of the culture.
Bouwsma in the Encyclopaedia Britannica Online says Calvinism is "the theology advanced by John Calvin .
There was, undoubtedly, a connection between Calvinism and "the Spirit of Capitalism.
Sir Liam, like so many senior people in the medical profession, is from Scotland, an admirable country whose sons and daughters have achieved much, in no small part due to the strong influence of Calvinism on that land.
Adaptations of Calvinism in Reformation Europe: Essays in Honour of Brian G.
He accuses Calvinism of succumbing to the same defeatism as fatalistic materialism and biological, chemical, genetic and social determinism.
If I have a caveat about Protestantism and the Mourning of Contingency, it is Curran's tendency to use Protestantism and Calvinism as synonyms.