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United States chemist noted for discovering the series of chemical reactions in photosynthesis (1911-)

Swiss theologian (born in France) whose tenets (predestination and the irresistibility of grace and justification by faith) defined Presbyterianism (1509-1564)

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That night, Calvin said 'I love you' and the door shut, and those were the last words he said to me.
She tweeted: "No way did we just meet Calvin Harris and his best pal.
This strategy is a part of a global evolution of the Calvin Klein brand, which began with the reacquisition of the Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear businesses in 2013.
A diferencia de, digamos, Peanuts, en donde cada personaje juega un papel crucial en el universo de la tira comica, en Calvin y Hobbes todos los personajes secundarios (los padres de Calvin, Susie Derkins, Rosalyn, Moe, etcetera) sirven como contrapunto a la insolita percepcion que tiene Calvin del mundo: mientras Susie es el modelo de la nina aplicada, el es el irresponsable que improvisa sus tareas en el ultimo minuto; mientras sus padres viven una edad adulta tediosa y rutinaria, el insiste en habitar sus freneticas fantasias; mientras Moe lo amenaza con la fuerza fisica, el lo derrota con la agudeza y el ingenio.
Calvin is an engaging novel that successfully puts the reader into the mind of a schizophrenic teen.
The fact that the Calvin Klein Home bedding and bath brand has remained a key luxury name through all of these changes is one of the brand's biggest accomplishments, according to Steve Zaffos, president of Calvin Klein Home for Himatsingka America.
Additionally, Calvin Klein Asia will assume production of Calvin Klein platinum men's and women's accessories products for sale within CK21-operated free-standingCalvin Klein platinum label apparel stores and shop-in-shops within the Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand regions.
Calvin will be her first proper boyfriend since she parted from One Direction's Harry Styles in 2013.
Featuring a pep up collection of new designs with embossed leopard and cheetah patterns, the Calvin Klein Men's RTW Fall 2015 show unveiled their wide assortment of grey overcoats, parkas, blazers, stadium coats and lean trousers.
One billion streams is the equivalent of playing Calvin Harris songs non-stop for 5000 years.
Interiors, established by the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group in 1968, plans to explore the Gulf region by adding three to five more showrooms in next five years to launch the luxurious designer Calvin Klein Curator collection in the Gulf region.
With the help of family, Calvin purchased his first barbershop when he was just 20 years old.
Taken together they demonstrate both the breadth of the current trends in Calvin research and the variety of advantages and problems that different methods bring to the table as scholars and believers strive to understand Calvin.
Fourteen-year-old Calvin Layne's life is anything but ideal.
Clearly, whoever wrote such a patently false description of Calvin has neither read much that he wrote, nor knows much of his personal life and warm love for those far and near whom he continually aided.