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genus of puffballs having outer casings whose upper parts break at maturity into angular pieces to expose the spores

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Calvatia cyathiformis (Bosc) Morgan; BPE, C, Me, PA, T (Blanco 57, Gomez 16, Guzman-Davalos 5702, Montiel 12, Toscano 71)
5 -- Graminoids 9 le, st, fl Graminoids 4 le, st, fl Lamiaceae: Thymus praecox Opiz 2 le, st, fl Thymus praecox Opiz 3 le, st, fl Thymus praecox Opiz 3 le, st, fl Thymus praecox Opiz 4 le Thymus praecox Opiz 5 le, fl Thymus praecox Opiz 5 -- Thymus praecox Opiz 5 -- Thymus praecox Opiz 6 le Thymus praecox Opiz 7 le, st, fl Thymus praecox Opiz 8 le, st, fl Lycoperdaceae: Calvatia cretacea 5 -- (Berk.
Interaction of fungal spores with the lungs: distribution and retention of inhaled Calvatia excipuliformis spores.
Abstract: Calvatia sporocristata, Gasteromycetes, is described and illustrated as a new species.
The genus Calvatia was established by Fries in 1849 and it includes 35 species (Hawksworth et al.
Recently, Kreisel (1989, 1992, 1994) has carried out several contributions on the Calvatia complex, proposing some new systematic arrangements.
The literature on Calvatia does not show any taxon matching C.
oblongispora could well be included in a new section; Sporocristata Calonge, within the subgenus Calvatia, following the classification proposed by Lange (1993).
An emendation and preliminary survey of the genus Calvatia (Gasteromycetes).
yunnanensis TCM44 Radix Polygalae Polygala tenuifolia TCM45 Bulbus Fritillariae thunbergii Fritillaria thunbergii TCM46 Herba Centellae Centella asiatica TCM47 Lasiosphaera seu Calvatia Lasiosphaera fenzlii TCM48 Rhizoma Arisaematis Arisaema erubescens TCM49 Rhizoma Typhonii Typhonium giganteum TCM50 Semen Xanthi sibricum Xanthium sibiricum TCM51 Ramulus Mori Morus alba TCM52 Rhizoma Pinelliae Pinellia ternata TCM53 Flos Chrysanthemi indici Chrysanthemum indicum TCM54 Flos Albiziae Albizia julibrissin TCM55 Folium Apocyni veneti Apocynum apocyni veneti TCM56 Caulis Polygoni multiflori Polygonum multiflorum TCM57 Herba Erigeron Erigeron breviscapus TCM58 Fructus Forsythiae Forsythia suspensa No.
Puffballs, known as calvatia gigantea by scientists, are rarely found in Scotland.