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Jennison (1935) includes Caltha palustris as having been collected from Shady Valley swamp by A.
Caustic dissolution analysis from samples of the Caltha kimberlite was completed in July and indicated that this body does not contain diamonds.
It remains to be clarified whether Caltha arrived in the equatorial Andes from north or south.
For the best choice of calthas visit an aquatic centre or pond-plant specialist.
There's also a white version of the native plant, Caltha palustris var alba.
Caltha palustris, the marsh marigold, is a flower that I adore.
Ashton"), is pleased to announce the discovery of the Caltha kimberlite on the Ric property in Nunavut.
KEEP ponds clean by removing blanketweed and excess duckweed, and pulling off the dying leaves of any water plants such as the kingcup, Caltha palustris, and water lilies.
Typha minima (dwarf bulrush) and Caltha Palustris (Marsh marigold) can be planted directly into the pond for added interest.
Caltha palustris, or marsh marigold, grows in just a few inches of water so is perfect for planting around the muddy margins of a pond.
The single wild kingcup, Caltha palustris, is one of our showiest wild flowers, thriving on river banks and lochsides.
Among these is marsh marigold, Caltha palustris, normally yellow, but also in a lovely white and gold form, alba; the lavender musk, Mimulus ringens, blooming in August, and its cousin the monkey musk, Mimulus luteus, producing yellow flowers blotched red throughout summer; and water forget-me-not, quick-growing and long-flowering.
Experimental studies of the reproductive strategy of Caltha palustris L.
Attractive plants include eriophorum (cotton grass), caltha (marsh marigold) and Butomus (flowering rush), a native aquatic plant.