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Synonyms for acetaminophen

an analgesic for mild pain but not for inflammation

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The dosage range for the 33 older patients, who received Calpol SixPlus, was 12.
Baby Basics - A Complete Guide to New Parenthood' is a major new initiative launched by Calpol earlier this year to provide support and advice for mums and dads throughout the first year of their baby's life.
With its tremendous experience in the deregulated Scandinavian power industry through its affiliation with Skandinavisk Kraftmegling, AS (SKM), CALPOL is the only player in California with more than six years' proven experience providing a marketplace for standardized forward contracts to purchase and sell electricity on a long-term basis.
They are not allowed to advertise it but you can save a small fortune on Calpol, Piriton, Sudocrem, plasters, etc.
In awide-ranging survey, the RPS found that 16% of parents of children aged 12 or under in the UK, and 11% in Wales, didn't know that Calpol - one of the most popular children's medicines - contained paracetamol, while the knowledge of other medicines was "even more worrying".
A MUM claims NHS Direct misdiagnosed her constipated twoyear-old with swine flu and prescribed Tamiflu - when all he needed was a dose of Calpol.
They took all his clothes off, gave him Calpol and then we had to sit and wait.
They would receive Calpol, Bonjela and other such drugs on free prescriptions in other parts of the UK.
He was also prescribed Calpol by a doctor in a hospital out-of-hours centre, even though the food poisoning bug had made him so ill he was passing blood, the public inquiry has been told.
Some of the more recent products switching have included Nurofen cold and flu; Calpol infant suspensions; Calpol sugar-free infant suspension; and Calpol SLx Plus fastmelts.
The study, sponsored by Calpol, aims to discover more about how children with emerging verbal skills express pain levels when suffering from common childhood illnesses or everyday pain.
DOCTORS told a frantic mum whose daughter had a malignant brain tumour to give her the headache medicine Calpol.
The 38-year-old, who is deaf-mute, fed his son Yacub Calpol medicine and red wine before holding him down in the bath at the family home in Warminster Road, Sheffield, on February 5.
It must have been the Calpol they dosed me up with.
The doctor thought he had a virus and gave him Calpol, but said to come back if he grew worse.