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a measuring instrument that determines quantities of heat

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Hong's research team used an accelerated rate calorimeter (ARC2000, Columbia Scientific Industries, Austin, Texas) to establish the baseline condition which is necessary for measuring the heat effects associated with discharging/charging the cells with the maximum measured heat generation rate of 1.
Different types of photometer & calorimeter are used according to various applications fields such as automotive, aerospace, biomedical, research, and process industries such as petrochemicals, water & wastewater.
Lee, "Development and applications of chip calorimeters as novel biosensors," Nanobiosensors Dis.
Quantification of THP and MP was completed in the four multiple temperature indirect calorimeters as described in Brown-Brandl et al.
The IBCs are the only calorimeters to eliminate outside environmental variables by surrounding the test chamber on all six sides with an isothermal bath fluid.
The I-Cal 2000 High Precision Calorimeter HPC is a two-channel isothermal model for testing cement paste, mortar or concrete.
It does so with a series of three types of detectors arranged in concentric cylinders, each looking for a specific type of particle: the inner detector, calorimeters, and a muon detector (Figure 1).
To accommodate this need, scientists at NIST designed and built the K-series calorimeters (1) to handle laser powers from 5 W to 1000 W.
It is important to note however, that the temperature range where the kinetical freezing was observed to occur is sensibly similar to the temperature range where a chemical departure from equilibrium within calorimeters was observed (Rugescu, 2005).
It is also providing continuous monitoring of the laboratory's calorimeters as they move into the cavern, situated 100 metres underground, used for experiments.
4 million in its patent infringement case against Applera involving three TA Instruments' patents for differential scanning calorimeters.
The Q Series Differential Scanning Calorimeters (DSC) consists of Q1000, Q100 and Q10 models.
Welker heated regulators, when used with the Welker sample probes, are designed to provide a properly conditioned sample stream to chromatographs, H2S analyzers, thermtitrators, moisture analyzers, gravitometers, calorimeters or other on-line gas analyzers.
Two makers of thermal-analysis instruments last year launched new differential scanning calorimeters that reportedly increase speed and accuracy.