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city in southwestern Colombia in a rich agricultural area

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Calo and his co-authors, postdoctoral researcher Pengpeng Grimshaw and George Hradil, who earned his doctorate at Brown and is now an adjunct professor, combined the two techniques to form a closed-loop system.
Calo bucks traditional offerings from Corpus Christi marketing firms by offering all services and support needed to build an integrated online presence.
On the question of the Dong Son drum tradition's homeland, Calo argues that the conjunction of a 'Red River Valley' group of six elaborately decorated drums representing the third/second century BC peak of Dong Son bronze casting associated with other artefacts in the Dong Son style, as well as ceramic evidence for casting activities, indicates that northern Vietnam was the 'clear' centre of production for Dong Son drums.
However, Calo (2008)cautions that the knowledge transfer problem is yet broader due to a lack of availability of workers with the proper skill sets.
A massa de calo formada na base das microestacas tambem foi influenciada pelos niveis de AIB presentes no meio de cultura, estabelecendo-se relacao linear de primeiro grau (Figura 2).
Calo will be responsible for distributing Wingtack resins in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.
Five people are charged with Calvi's murder - convicted mobster Calo, businessmen Ernesto Diotallevi and Flavio Carboni, his former girlfriend, Manuela Kleinszig and Calvi's ex-bodyguard Silvano Vittor.
Iannone M, Calo M, Rispoli V, Sancesario G, Nistico G.
Calo explained that on the basis of clinical evidence suggesting omega-3 fatty acids have a suppressive effect upon ventricular arrhythmias, he and his coinvestigators at San Filippo Neri Hospital in Rome hypothesized that fish oil supplements might exert a similar beneficial effect with regard to atrial fibrillation (AF).
Among the four people indicted was Giuseppe Calo, a man convicted of Mafia links who prosecutors say ordered Calvi's killing.
This year's Assisi Peace Prize went to two women, Samar Sahar, founder and director of a Palestinian orphanage, and Angelica Edna Calo Livne, an Israeli educator and journalist.
The word caifanes is a calo [Mexico City lower-class slang] reworking of the Mexican phrase "caer bien" meaning to get along with or to be perceived as pleasant.
They allow the attorney in for the first phase of Special Registration," which involves filling out forms and some basic questioning, says Calo.
Calo, Dowd and Guild and Brenntag Mid-South/Brenntag South-East, will distribute Sartomer's Norsolene products respectively to customers in the northeastern, western and southeastern United States.