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We had calm winds and two perfectly clear approach ends to choose from, and we decided to let the controllers put us into an actual instrument approach that almost cost us a limited-edition Prowler.
While Saturday was a hazardous and difficult search, Sunday's clear skies and calm wind reminded the team why they spend their time on mountains.
Who would've thought it would be 80 degrees with near dead calm wind at Royal Lytham and St.
Summer brings calm winds, warm weather and a truly tropical, feel good, atmosphere to the Florida Keys.
Likely 15C but a decent dry day with fairly calm winds.
If the forecast is for warm weather and calm winds, an evening hunt is always more productive.
On Tuesday, firefighters were building lines all the way around the blaze, and helicopter water drops and expected calm winds overnight could have them off to a strong start.
McLeod, the youngest pilot in the sport's history at 30, was the second competitor to take off and he made the most of the bright sunshine and calm winds to breeze past the challenging low-altitude slalom course, filled with Air Gate obstacles at the capital course, in a trailblazing 57.
The energy is discharged from the system by releasing the air stored underwater to drive a turbine recreating electricity when it is most needed - either to meet daily demand peaks or to cover periods of calm winds or cloud cover that prevent power from being harnessed.
Landis's team went with a landsail design because it takes advantage of the planet's flat topography and its calm winds.
Calm winds, snow and hazy weather conditions have come together at a time when the demand for electricity in Germany was particularly high.
The sudden appearance of what is technically called smog is clearly due to calm winds and Cyclone Nilam feeding humidity into the atmosphere.
Baumgartner had endured several weather-related delays before finally lifting off under bright blue skies and calm winds on Sunday morning.
It is a supreme test and Ainslie passed it again in the most dramatic fashion in the medal race, in the relatively calm winds on the Nothe course.
But calm winds helped firefighters keep the blaze west of the freeway and get the flames under control within four hours.