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the duration of calm wind conditions); (2) the forager is highly successful once conditions improve; (3) the energy value of a food item is large (here, 714 kJ per murre egg; Spear 1993); and (4) the mortality risks associated with improved conditions are low (e.
In his words, "The low-wing aircraft was not using his radio which led to the event and was not following local procedure to use [the] calm wind Runway 15.
Calm wind, low light, that's when tarpon will be up rolling.
Clear sky, unlimited visibility, calm wind, smooth ride.
I don't know if it was living right, or what, but I always seemed to get a nice little calm wind.
While Saturday was a hazardous and difficult search, Sunday's clear skies and calm wind reminded the team why they spend their time on mountains.
The student pilot was practicing touch-and-go landings in calm wind conditions and inadvertently landed near the left edge of the runway.
Notice also that the LPV approach does not give you circling capability to Runway 2; that is the preferred calm wind runway.
Who would've thought it would be 80 degrees with near dead calm wind at Royal Lytham and St.
At my home airport the preferred calm wind runway is 14 (also preferred at night because it has a VASI and three instrument approaches), but there are times when the winds in the traffic pattern and above are strong enough out of the northwest to create a wind shear hazard in the turn from downwind to base and final.
He has earned and deserves a retirement of sunny skies, calm winds and mild temperatures.
The ideal conditions for the formation of smog were calm winds, fog, sun light and air pollutants.
Despite calm winds, nearby fires remained "very active" on Sunday, said Arlene Perea, a spokeswoman with the Southwest Area Incident Management Team.
The German finished a staggering 13 shots clear of his nearest competitor, Colin Montgomerie, and with the relatively calm winds 'the course was there for the taking,' in Kinley's words.