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and Calluna vulgaris, as well as spores of the mosses Pohlia nutans, Dicranella cerviculata, and Polytrichum longisetum are viable.
Herbaceous species of Calluna vulgaris, Luzula pilosa and Polygonatum odoratum were found only in the control site and still did not occur in the 4-year-old fire site (Table 1).
Calluna is the common heather which is native to these isles and has small leaves.
Go for heather calluna vulgaris Annemarie, with pale pink buds that deepen as they open and are set off by pinkflowering cyclamen hederifolium, with marbled leaves to lighten the scheme.
333 Calluna Court, Bellingham planning, small business
Calluna produces a greater amount of pollen than either grasses or sedges (Brostrom et al.
In theory, well-managed burning that ensures adequate regeneration of Calluna should be carbon neutral with respect to above-ground carbon stocks.
Soil seedbank and regeneration of a Calluna vulgaris community after forest clearing.
Pineceae) pini 10 226 271 Heath leaves Calluna vulgaris (Ericaceae) 0 0 0 Linden blossom Tilia L.
Others which will thrive at the seaside include pinks (Dianthus), thrift (Armeria) and sea holly (Eryngium), Calluna vulgaris, cordyline, hebes, holly, spiraea, ulex, hydrangea, olearia, lavatera and cistus, although some are not hardy.
Other relatively trouble-free ground cover plants include Ajuga reptans, astilbe, Calluna vulgaris, Erica carnea and Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald Gaiety'.