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Upholstered in a soft grey fabric and featuring neatly turned legs, the Calluna showcases a timeless style that will be treasured for years to come.
Ibidem, near Montiguero, 29TQH334647, grassland in Calluna heath, in areas covered with snow for long time, 2087 m asl, 1-VII-2016, E.
Influence of Altitudinal Variation on the Content of Phenolic Compounds in Wild Populations of Calluna vulgaris, Sambucus nigra, and Vaccinium myrtillus.
This was true for three species that were present in the diet of both chamois and red deer (Carabelli 2008): Juniperus communis, Calluna vulgaris and Loiseleuria procumbens.
In fact, while the first name "Miguel" was adopted as homage to two of the most influential Spanish novelists, Miguel de Cervantes and Miguel de Unamuno, both of whom he placed on a short list of admired writers, the last name "Torga" alluded to a plant, the calluna vulgaris, also known in northern dialects as torga, whose strong roots lay in the arid rocks of the Portuguese mountains.
Calluna vulgaris extract modulates NF-kB/ERK signaling pathway and matrix metalloproteinase expression in SKH-1 hairless mice skin exposed to ultraviolet B irradiation.
Andromeda polifolia, Calluna vulgaris, Ledum palustre, Oxycoccus palustris, Polytrichum strictum, Rhynchospora alba, Vaccinium vitisidaea, Dicranella cerviculata, and Cladonia spp.
Even so, whereas Calluna vulgaris will not tolerate lime at all, Erica vagans is not quite so fussy.
vitis-idaea, Calluna vulgaris, Festuca ovina, Linaria vulgaris, Luzula pilosa and Melampyrum pratense in the dwarf shrub and herb layer, and Dicranum polysetum, D.
In this tale the bees of Tokyo are disappearing and Ziggy with his brothers Wiri and Florian and sister Calluna have been taken to Tokyo by their human, Sparkles, to help solve the problem.
Go for heather calluna vulgaris Annemarie, with pale pink buds that deepen as they open and are set off by pinkflowering cyclamen hederifolium, with marbled leaves to lighten the scheme.
333 Calluna Court, Bellingham planning, small business
In theory, well-managed burning that ensures adequate regeneration of Calluna should be carbon neutral with respect to above-ground carbon stocks.