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type genus of the Callithricidae: true marmosets

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Brazilian researchers have named the latest addition to the primate order Callithrix saterei, after the Satere Indians of the region, according to a report in the June Goeldiana.
Callithrix penicillata na dieta de Spizaetus omatus (Aves: Accipitridae) em area de cerrado no estado de Minas Gerais (Callithrix penicillata in the diet of Spizaetus ornatus [Aves: Accipitridae] in the cerrado area of the State of Minas Gerais).
Both infections occurred in the Grande Rio region, where Callithrix spp.
An evaluation of the marmoset Callithrix jacchus (sagui) as an experimental model for the dyslipoproteinemia of human Schistosomiasis mansoni.
We observed the events during the long-term monitoring of a population of common marmosets, Callithrix jacchus, and the observations of the raptors; behavior are thus opportunistic rather than systematic.