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(Greek mythology) the Muse of epic poetry

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a musical instrument consisting of a series of steam whistles played from a keyboard

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announced that its Calliope Cat 1 LTE chipset platform has passed AT&Ts ADAPT chipset validation program and is approved to operate on AT&Ts 4G LTE network.
Earning ADAPT verification for Calliope is a key accomplishment for Sequans and especially important to our IoT customers, said Craig Miller, Sequans VP of Worldwide Marketing.
Calliopes and other instruments also are designed to be mounted on antique firetrucks or bandwagons for parades and picnics.
Almost all of my interests are from the turn of the century - buggies, steam engines, player pianos, calliopes,'' he said.
Calliopes VoLTE capabilities are enabled by a fully integrated on-chip IMS stack and media processing engine.
A announced that Verizon has certified the Calliope LTE Cat 1 chipset to support VoLTE applications.