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(Greek mythology) the Muse of epic poetry

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a musical instrument consisting of a series of steam whistles played from a keyboard

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Calliope State School Principal Mark Wright said the school community was excited to have the brand new facility which will provide for future growth at the school.
A power and cost efficient solution like the Sequans Calliope platform is well positioned to lead this space.
Also certified by Verizon Wireless is a Calliope-based module, the VZ120Q, a surface-mountable LGA module based on the Calliope chipset platform, which includes RF support for LTE bands 4 and 13.
While the goddess was busy explaining herself to Sam, Maggie grabs a book and hits the Calliope on the head.
CREDO owns the exclusive right to a patented technology known as the Calliope Gas Recovery System.
And here is how Calliope leads off the next chapter: "Shameful as it is to say, the riots were the best thing that ever happened to us.
ATLANTA - Crown Crafts has agreed to buy The Red Calliope & Associates, a $27 million infants' bedding supplier, and has secured financing for additional acquisitions.
All the Hesiodic names are significant; thus, Clio is approximately the "Proclaimer," Euterpe the "Well Pleasing," Thalia the "Blooming," or "Luxuriant," Melpomene the "Songstress," Erato the "Lovely," Polymnia "She of the Many Hymns," Urania the "Heavenly," and Calliope "She of the Beautiful Voice.
Our mad telephone romance That never materialized Because you lived downtown On Flood Street In the lower ninth ward And I lived uptown On Erato Street In the Calliope Project And as you and I both know If you lived in the Callope Project And got caught in the lower ninth ward It was seldom you came out of it alive
DENVER -- Credo Petroleum Corporation (NASDAQ:CRED), an oil and gas exploration and production company with significant assets in Central Kansas, Oklahoma and the Williston Basin, today provided an update on its Mid-Continent operational activities and for its Calliope Gas Recovery System.
today announced that its Calliope LTE Cat 1 Platform is powering Geotabs new GO8 device, an open-platform telematics solution for fleet management unveiled this week at Mobile World Congress.
Geotab is using Sequans' Calliope LTE Platform, an-IoT-optimized chipset solution designed specifically for LTE Cat 1 applications needing up to 10 Mbps of throughput, an ideal speed for Geotab's fleet tracking and telematics application.
The company said Calliope LTE Cat 1 chipset platform, which uniquely supports VoLTE and enables a wide range of industrial and consumer IoT applications, including asset tracking, alarm systems, telematics devices, retail applications, smart utility meters and more, is now certified and available for use on T-Mobile's network.
Work on HMS Calliope, which sits close to the River Tyne between the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and the Sage in Gateshead, is due to begin after Christmas with new cladding for the walls and roof.