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small often brightly colored scaleless marine bottom-dwellers

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Despite the abundance and diversity of callionymids in marine environments, information on the social structure and mating systems of the group are rare.
More than 180 species of callionymids (Gobieso-ciformes: Callionymidae) are recognized worldwide (Fricke 2002).
Callionymus bairdi (Jordan 1888) is one of two shallow water callionymids from the West Atlantic, distributed from Bermuda, southern Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, and the Bahamas to northern South America (Scott & Scott 1988).
This is the first study that documents territoriality and polygyny in callionymids.
splendidus are typical callionymid larvae in that newly hatched larvae are 1.
Certain developmental features such as the elongate notochord tip and sequence of ossification should prove valuable in future studies of callionymid relationships.
Little is known about ontogenetic color changes in live callionymid larvae because those colors fade in alcohol preservation.
Preliminary guide to the identification of the early life history stages of callionymid fishes of the western Central Atlantic.
Embryonic and larval development of the callionymid fish, Callionymus calliste.
Comparisons with early life-history stages of other callionymids