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God's Callgirl by Carla van Raay (Ebury Press, pounds 6.
One would expect such a dictionary to include long-standing Dutch words of Latin, Greek, or French origin, but not necessarily beauty, callgirl, cash and carry, diehard, or deadline.
He meets callgirl Valerie, played by busty Margaret Blakemore - and they end up checking into a room.
MANDY RICE-DAVIES LORD Astor, aristo friend of Profumo's, denied sleeping with Christine Keeler's callgirl flatmate, Mandy Rice-Davies.
Feigning outrage at such a notion, Hites bellowed this chastising taunt to Smith: Your road to respectability is like a callgirl selling her body to get into a convent
Jody Babydol Gibson, the notorious international madam, convicted and imprisoned for running a worldwide callgirl operation for the rich & famous, is now appearing on a TV special for E
Private eye Donald Sutherland shields cynical New York callgirl Jane Fonda from a deranged stalker.
Listen, Steve," I told the millionaire, "with your wonga you could afford the most high-class callgirl.
A resident of west Delhi's Janakpuri, Juneja also allegedly runs callgirl rackets in the city.
Distributed by TFM, "Priceless" stars the winning combo of Audrey Tautou and Gad Elmaleh as a high-class callgirl and a luxury hotel underling who get bitten by the love bug.
The former Conservative Secretary of State for War was at the centre of the most sensational political scandal of the 20th century when he was forced to resign from the Cabinet for lying to the House of Commons over his affair with callgirl Christine Keeler.
Frances, then 33 and a pounds 200-anight callgirl, told police Topen stabbed computer firm boss Wickens at her London flat.
While the cheating chairman of the world's most famous football club pretends to be working late at Old Trafford, he's really scoring with pretty blonde callgirl Sarah Carter.
A legal source also said the ex-International Monetary Fund chief is suspected of having tried to illegally obtain a visa for another callgirl.
Jacques Thelemaque of Los Angeles won the grand prize in the experimental category for "Transaction," the story of a businessman and a callgirl, starring his wife Diane Gaidry.