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subject to a demand for payment before due date

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Four other control factors incorporated into the model are state income taxes, credit enhancements, callability, and the size of the school district.
To control for the risks arising from callability, a dummy variable (CALLABLE) is used, where a value of 1 indicates a callable issue and a value of 0 indicates a non-callable issue.
Callability and bond maturity are also important factors increasing the costs to bond issuers.
Assume no special contractual provisions such as callability or convertibility.
Market Data users can conduct bond searches according to an exhaustive list of criteria, including price, yield, coupon rate, maturity date, callability, tax status and credit ratings.
This database contains a wide range of information about corporate bond issues including the issuer, offering data, maturity data, coupon type, offering yield to maturity, seniority level, and ratings and bond characteristics such as convertibility, putability, and callability.
Morgan OnLine now offers a detailed analysis of the issues within the fixed income components of a portfolio -- analyzing a client's portfolio across five separate fixed income diagnostics: callability, type, regional exposure, credit quality and maturity.
Callability constraints are: V [less than or equal to] max(Call Price, aS); [SIGMA] = 0 if V [greater than or equal to] Call Price.
The data contain information on monthly prices (quote and matrix), accrued interest, coupons, ratings, callability, and returns on all investment-grade corporate and government bonds for the period from January 1987 to December 1996.
Callability was very common prior to the 1990s, and was used in an average of more than 75% of all debt issues.
When structuring its financing, a firm must make decisions on all the relevant aspects of its debt, including leverage, maturity, callability, priority, and placement.
Time to callability is denoted by [Tau], at which point the preferred stock becomes callable with fixed call price, [Kappa].
Thus, empirical research that relies heavily on default risk and maturity to explain the prevalence of call provisions is not able to assess the importance of the separate agency theories of callability.
Two measures of the agency costs of debt are discussed here: bond callability and a firm's cumulative profitability.
We also tested the impact of callability and several other firm-related variables.