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Take route 260 to Yangmingshan Terminal and walk to Yangmingshan Transfer Station to take route 128, 129, or 131 (128 and 129 only travel to Zhuzihu area during Calla Lily Festival) to Zhuzihu.
She said doctors weren't sure at first exactly what health concerns Calla was facing.
If you're borrowing a substantial amount of money, two per cent makes a big difference," said Calla, "and in some cases is makes projects viable.
Calla cited the experiences, of Squamish, which raised $45 million between 1992 and 2002 by taxing non-Native entities for their use of community land.
Calla has served as the chairman of the First Nations Financial Management Board Advisory Panel since 2002 and is a member of the boards of directors of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Partnerships BC.
The calla lily's clean lines and minimal look make it a flower with masses of contemporary appeal.
Assorted-colored flowers -- dark orange and rose dahlias, lime green cymbidium orchids, rust/gold calla lilies and shocking pink tulips (stems should be fairly short so arrangement has a short, tight look)
White calla lilies were carried by the bridesmaids, who wore ice pink organza dresses; the groomsmen wore boutonnieres of white stephanotis on their black tuxedos.
Elegant as they are, the white flowers of the common calla pale in comparison with the new breeds making their way into Western nurseries.
Five thousand sols after the start of our 90-sol mission, this amazing rover is still showing us surprises on Mars,' said Opportunity Project Manager John Callas, of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.
SOPRANO Anne Williams-King plays Maria Callas in a one-act show in Bangor tonight.
Opera star Maria Callas gave her last stage performance - in Tosca at Covent Garden.
Jon Callas, who co-founded several well-respected secure communications companies including PGP Corp, Silent Circle and Blackphone, rejoined Apple in May, an Apple spokesman said.
Washington, June 20 ( ANI ): Meryl Streep has just been cast as opera legend Maria Callas in a film version of Terrence McNally's Tony-winning play, 'Master Class' for HBO.
When Maria Callas sang Tosca at Covent Garden in 1964, she could not have known how crucial it would prove to her career and her life.