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On its shores sit buildings made from antique Californian redwood and reclaimed material from old iron bridges.
Trampled out of National One two years ago, they hired Steve Ojomoh, a Californian Redwood of a man, to headline their inevitable return only for the former England No 8 to be felled by the combination of injury and his own coaching inexperience.
The tree is worked on by chainsaws and colour is achieved in his sculptures, for example, by using Californian Redwood, or by a charring process.
The Wellingtonia is a relative of the giant Californian Redwood, a 40-year-old specimen of which stands near the visitor centre.
At one point along the driveway, a mistake must have been made with a Sequoia or Californian redwood being planted.
He also went to see a Californian redwood tree planted by Queen Victoria in August 1861.
She writes about ending up in the Priory and having therapy and how she went on a retreat in a Californian redwood forest, climbed high up a mountain in an isolated place and spent three days on her own in the darkness.
The play-houses, which are designed purely for the home market, are made in America of Californian redwood and shipped over in containers from South Dakota.
With ancient trees up to 100 meters tall, these forests are the Southern Hemisphere's equivalent of the Californian Redwoods," Bayley noted.
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