California sea lion

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often trained as a show animal

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The current study was undertaken to learn more about the limits of California sea lion cognition and to determine whether its cognitive skills might be considered prelinguistic.
California sea lion interaction and depredation rates with the commercial passenger fishing vessel near San Diego.
To estimate the impact of California sea lion depredation on salmon populations in Monterey Bay we compared estimated numbers of hooked salmon taken by sea lions and the Central California Valley index (CVI) for chinook salmon abundance.
The oil of the California sea lion is of low quality and was used in the mid 19th century mainly by tanners to process leather (Cronise.
These multi-national and multidisciplinary collaborators will work together to describe the genetic adaptations that allow California sea lions to thrive in the complex coastal marine habitats of the eastern Pacific Ocean.
1987a) found an average %TBL of 5% BM for neonatal California sea lion pups.
Since the mid-1970s, the California sea lion population in the United States has expanded at an average of 5.
In August 2015, there was a record number of California sea lion pups stranded along the west coast.
uk /adoptions HANDS UP FOR FUN: Young thrill-seekers on one of the park's rides FLIPPIN'FASCINATIN': An encounter with a California sea lion
Objective: By applying cutting-edge technologies at the very forefront of endocrine-disruption research, this XENOROID project will investigate environmental xenobiotics that pose a threat to three highly sensitive vertebrate indicator species; African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis), California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) and polar bear (Ursus maritimus).
Models (n = 60 fin and 40 gray whale groups, 135 Risso's and 31 bottlenose dolphin groups, 157 California sea lion groups) were fit for three behavior states (mill, rest/ slow travel, medium/fast travel) and combined to document behavior/habitat associations.
The California sea lion at Long Marine Laboratory at the University of California, Santa Cruz, became an Internet sensation last year when UCSC scientists published a paper describing her ability to bob her head in time with rhythmic sounds and music in a variety of tempos.
Scientists also will discuss a male gorilla with a seizure disorder, tumors in domestic ferrets and a California sea lion with an eating disorder.
Several species were tested before the Navy settled on the bottlenose dolphin and the California sea lion.
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