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the largest flying birds in the western hemisphere

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Now California condors number more than 400 counting both wild and captive birds.
Effectiveness of action to reduce exposure of free-ranging California condors in Arizona and Utah to lead from spent ammunition.
Because of the experimental nature of the ingluviotomy and feeding-tube placement technique, of the 6 California condors presented with lead-induced crop stasis, 3 received an ingluviotomy, feeding-tube placement, and crop bandage 2 received an ingluviotomy and feeding tube but no crop bandage; and 1 received a crop bandage only (Table 1).
The growing footprint of wind energy projects has implications for California condors and other imperiled species.
Fish & Wildlife Service's California Condor Recovery Program worked diligently to rehabilitate ailing birds, removing them from the wild and launching captive breeding programs.
From a low of fewer than 20 animals left in the late 1970s to a current count of more than 200, one can say that the California condor has, for the time being, been physically saved.
The California condor once ranged throughout the Pacific Northwest, displaying a magnificent wingspan of over nine feet and diving at incredible speeds of 80-100 mph.
Once on the brink of extinction, there are now more California condors both in the wild and in captivity in at least a hall" century.
But, looking over two decades of captive breeding, only a handful of animals owe their survival to captive breeding--red wolves, Jamaican hutias, Micronesian kingfishers, Guam rails, black-footed ferrets, Pare David's deer, Arabian oryx, golden lion tamarins, California condors and a few others.
California condors, whose wings span 11 feet, were nearly shot, poisoned and electrocuted into extinction until biologists launched the rescue plan in the 1980s.
Electromagnetic motors will accelerate brave riders to a speed of 100 mph in 7 Seconds and propel then, up 41 stories - proving that physics can be a blast' Early June: A planned release of captive-bred California condors at Vermilion Cliffs, Arizona, will reintroduce this endangered species to one of its historic habitats.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- Southern California Edison today received the Department of Interior's Public Service Award -- its highest honor -- for the electric company's efforts to reintroduce California Condors to the wild.
Black-looted ferrets, California condors, and others teeter on the edge of oblivion.
By the '80s so few California condors were left that aB remaining wild condors-the last in April 1987were captured and taken to the Wild Animal Park.
Abstract: Since 1996, The Peregrine Fund has released California condors (Gymnogyps californianus) in the Grand Canyon region of northern Arizona with the goal of establishing a self-sustaining population, disjunct from other released populations in California and Baja California.
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