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evergreen shrub of western United States bearing small red or black fruits

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California Coffee Company say the boxes belong to them, a claim denied by Retrouvius.
But in Seattle they did not have the weight of officialdom to contend with that the California Coffee Co.
STEPPING BACK in time, a visit to the 47-year-old Coral Cafe in Burbank reminds me of those days of yesteryear when the majority of the culinary landscape in and around Los Angeles consisted of California coffee shops.
The 29-year-old works for the California Coffee Company, a local firm that has blended European and American coffee cultures to produce a success story with a very Scottish flavour.
Defiant Thomson is appealing the decision but predicted his new company, called the California Coffee Co, would be a big success.
The agreement with the California Coffee Company calls for the development of 80 coffeehouses in the Los Angeles market and the option to develop up to 103 additional units in the Bay Area of Northern California.
The principals of the newly formed California Coffee Company have extensive experience in the ownership, operation and development of a number of Applebees and quick-service restaurant franchises throughout California, Arizona and Nevada.
Los Angeles, one of the few remaining '50s ``Googie''-style California coffee shop restaurants, will see selected items from the very first Pann's menu being sold at their original prices.
an Irvine-based specialty coffeehouse chain that now operates 35 stores, said Wednesday that it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Los Angeles-based California Coffee Co.
We definitely have plans to (open stores) in the San Fernando Valley,'' said Kaberi Basu, executive director of the California Coffee Co.
I would like to see more restaurants go into (the recently closed restaurant) Red River Station,'' said Patrick Bock, who opened California Coffee Roasters in an old house across the street from the Metrolink station.
Touting it as the ``perfect marriage of tenant and structure,'' Mel's has a new roof, drainage system and plumbing, along with some modern contrivances inside, but has not altered the ``Googie's'' architectural style of the California coffee shop of the '50s.
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