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On behalf of ATMUS Entertainment (distributors of Tamil films in the US), "Singam 2" exhibitor in the California Bay Area has announced the grand success of the film.
Albertsons' online service has also done well, motivating the company to extend its online grocery service to the California Bay Area.
Divided by season, the book includes recipes from 20 of the California Bay Area's best chefs who use local, seasonal ingredients for their tasty repasts.
That may also account for some of its other common names like bay tree, California bay tree, green bay tree and spice-tree.
Or drape a banister or entry hall with a swag of California bay leaves to fill the house with fragrance.
The California Bay Area Rapid Transit gained the right to hire more part-time workers over the next 6 years under a settlement with two unions representing 1,700 employees.
4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ZAP (ZAAP), an Electric Vehicle (EV) automotive company incorporated in California Bay Area, and Jonway Auto exhibits its EV product line at the China International Industry Fair November 4[sup.
CEMEX in the USA demonstrated the benefits of using specialty high-density concrete versus steel sheeting for the radiation-proof walls of the X-ray room at a California Bay Area medical facility.
Should someone be trying to learn the lay of the land, helpful maps have been created to learn the neighborhood boundaries in Metro Denver, Northern Colorado, Southern Colorado and the California Bay Area Peninsula.
Many had the aromatic leaves of California bay plants around the edges of the depressions in which the animals sleep, whereas other types of fresh leaves tended to turn up in the other chambers.
We used California bay, Eucalyptus polyanthemos, and Leptospermum scoparium 'Ruby Glow'.
Data Center Pulse today announced the group's first annual summit to be held in the California Bay Area, Feb.
a leading residential mortgage origination and servicing company, announced today the appointment of Linda Steiner as Regional Vice President of Wholesale for the Northern California Bay Area.
It's a two-year, $650,000 effort funded by the California Bay Delta Authority, which wants to lessen Southern California's dependence on Northern California water.
Maelor Davies and his colleagues at Calgene first identified the enzyme responsible for laurate production in oil seeds of a plant called California bay.
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