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David Schwabauer, a Moorpark avocado grower and member of the California Farm Bureau board, called it a historic change.
A law became effective in January that required out-of-state CPAs providing any service to a California client, other than personal and estate tax returns, to obtain a practice privilege from the CBA.
One of the biodiversity hot spots of the world, California has nearly 5,000 species of plants, or one-quarter of all plants north of Mexico.
Yet, while the dust from the VCI has barely settled, taxpayers now have to turn their attention to the provisions under the legislation for disclosing certain transactions on their 2003 California returns.
Fidelity National Financial, the country's largest title insurer, is moving its headquarters from Irvine, California, to Jacksonville, Florida.
This article explores a number of current issues involving the California water's-edge election.
For every person who regaled us with Beach Boys-inspired reveries of an Endless Summer, someone else held up the Manson family as the true apotheosis of the California lifestyle.
A specific question was posted on TaxTalk about a California resident owning a Nevada LLC and whether California Form 568 is required.
Ignorant voters insist more money pour into the schools, not knowing California spends more on schools than the entire operating budgets of each of the 49 other states, including New York.
Therefore, X files tax returns only in California and New York.
California has imposed a tax on manufacturing equipment since the sales tax was instituted in 1933.
While compliant training will not insulate an employer from liability for sexual harassment, it should have the practical effect of reducing misconduct in the first instance and it will be used by counsel, in tandem with recent California Supreme Court precedent, to defend against claims of employees who failed to complain about sexual harassment early so they could avoid further alleged mistreatment.
California remains the government's largest single source of taxpayer dollars, flooding the U.