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Photographers snapped him, he was besieged by reporters, women's clubs throughout the land passed resolutions condemning him and his immoral theories; and on the floor of the California Assembly, while discussing the state appropriation to the University, a motion demanding the expulsion of Gluck was made under threat of withholding the appropriation--of course, none of his persecutors had read the book; the twisted newspaper version of only three lines of it was enough for them.
He signalized his departure from California by blowing up Fort Mason.
Perhaps it does not mean that you will go to California.
The outcome of it was that of these two odd persons having equally odd notions of duty, the one went to California, as the interest of his client required, and the other remained at home in compliance with a wish that her husband was scarcely conscious of entertaining.
He had a metal plate made, on which was stamped: RETURN TO WALT IRVINE, GLEN ELLEN, SONOMA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA.
Another time the brown wanderer succeeded in traversing half the length of California, all of Oregon, and most of Washington, before he was picked up and returned "Collect.
I have here a nice beautiful new cow, the best milker in California.
It has never entered your mind that possibly he might prefer California to Alaska.
Both were eligible for the militia, and both were drafted to serve in the punitive expedition that was despatched from California against the farmers of Missouri.
That's why he didn't come to California until afterward.
He had been a pioneer in California, and could narrate many a strange tale of fortunes made and fortunes lost in those wild, halcyon days.
Douglas had given him the impression that some danger was hanging over his head, and he had always looked upon his sudden departure from California, and also his renting a house in so quiet a place in England, as being connected with this peril.
And then you were together five years in California, so that this business dates back not less than eleven years at the least?
It is quite six years since Douglas left California.
But while Mexico is the world's largest producer of avocados, this isn't like shipping coals to Newcastle, said authorities, who estimated the California avocado industry will gain $6 million to $24 million a year from the new exports.