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the act of checking or adjusting (by comparison with a standard) the accuracy of a measuring instrument

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Noroviruses, previously called 'small round structured viruses (SRSVs)' or Norwalk-like viruses, are classified in the genus Norovirus of the family Caliciviridae.
Genomic Characterization of the Unclassified Bovine Enteric Virus Newburyagent-1 (Newbury1) Endorses a New Genus in the Family Caliciviridae.
Anteriormente se lo clasificaba dentro de la familia Caliciviridae pero por diferencias en la estructura de su genoma se lo debio retirar de esta.
Norovirus is a nonenveloped, single-strand RNA virus of the family Caliciviridae.
The causative agent of the disease had long been called SRSV (Small Round-structured Virus), but now is classified as the member of the Genus Norovirus in the family Caliciviridae (Green et al.
These are single-stranded RNA viruses belonging to the family Caliciviridae.
Members of the family Caliciviridae are small (30-35 nm in diameter), nonenveloped viruses with a single-stranded, positive-polarity RNA genome of 7.
Noroviruses belong to the family Caliciviridae and can be grouped into five genogroups (GI through GV), which are further divided into at least 34 genotypes.
These preclinical studies demonstrated potential for use of AVI's third-generation antisense drug platform, NEUGENE(R), in treating prostate cancer and viral infections caused by the Caliciviridae, a family of RNA viruses.
Many of these isolates are capable of infecting humans, leading some to believe that caliciviridae are the cause of non-A through E hepatitis.
NoVs belong to the genus Norovirus in the family Caliciviridae (2,3).