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the act of checking or adjusting (by comparison with a standard) the accuracy of a measuring instrument

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Newark element14 announces the launch of calibration services for test and measurement (T&M) equipment, providing standards-based calibration for over 140,000 products from more than 9,000 manufacturersone of the broadest range of product calibration and certification services in the electronics industry.
Remote witnessing is a new approach to calibrations that could be adopted to tackle this issue.
But how do we determine when a calibration is necessary or how to troubleshoot a faulty electrode?
Beamex ICS, the integrated calibration solution, which constitutes the heart of this marketing campaign, is said to be unique compared to any other calibration system due to its seamless communication between calibrators and calibration software.
After the initial expenditure involved in purchasing an instrument, one expensive feature of clinical MS as it is usually practiced in the US is the generation of a calibration curve for calculating results each time the assay is run, in contrast to the biannual calibration required by CLIA (10).
This condition monitoring program is the basis for on-demand calibration, which has eliminated 234 calibrations per year so far.
Calibration accuracy of the styli is one component of inaccuracy.
Periodic NIST-certified calibrations maintain the accuracy of your instrument throughout its life.
Since this factor is a multiplier to all load cell response readings R acquired for subsequent force calibration measurements, the standard uncertainty in R that is associated with the comparison calibrations of the multimeters with the simulator is
The firm's A2LA accredited quality system is said to provide guidelines that allow it to offer calibrations that are accepted worldwide.
It was based on the general theory of VNA calibration that brought about the TRL family of calibrations in the mid-1970s.
To ensure fair gas transaction at custody transfer locations, pipeline companies are increasingly looking toward the traceability and quality of meter calibrations to ensure the accuracy of gas invoicing.
The equipment needed to perform these types of calibrations is delicate.
The system also provides a means to correlate these on-going calibrations with known standards derived in a lab.
Control of the measurement instruments, as well as the frequency of their calibrations, is dictated by the working environment.