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Synonyms for calibre

Synonyms for calibre

a degree or grade of excellence or worth

diameter of a tube or gun barrel

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He imported a Hamann Motorsport Touring Car style rear spoiler which was a bit of a gamble as it was the model for a BMW 3-Series but was still able to get it to fit on the Calibra.
A CONVERTING your Calibra to run on LPG would cost around pounds 1,000 - or the same as its used value.
The Vauxhall Calibra finally went out of control and skidded 40 yards along a grass verge before hitting the tree at 40mph, killing his brother Thomas, 29.
The police vehicle went out of control negotiating a bend at Selsey, West Sussex, at the weekend and was in collision with an oncoming Vauxhall Calibra.
So distinctive was the car that when a hitman was hired to execute Ireland's most respected crime reporter, it was easy to single out the Calibra in traffic.
They died after a Vauxhall Omega collided with a Calibra sports car in Southgate, North London.
Shortly afterwards, police pursued a Vauxhall Calibra, stolen from Nether Whitacre, which later crashed near Castle Bromwich.
The crash happened on the A59 Liverpool Road in Rufford on Sunday at 10pm when a dark blue Vauxhall Calibra collided with a red Isuzu Trooper.
Prosecutor James Rae told a Liverpool Crown Court jury it was like a scene from the hospital drama Casualty when the brakes failed on Mr Carruthers's Vauxhall Calibra.
He denied there had been an "agreement" to not mention the two cars, a Vauxhall Calibra and a Renault Clio, caught on CCTV camera after he was intimidated by a member of the other group.
The two men then made off empty-handed in what police believe was a red Vauxhall Calibra car.
Take the rather dashing Calibra, for instance, a superb example of design flair and excitement.
Young set out in his mother's Vauxhall Cavalier, followed by another man in a Vauxhall Corsa and Graham, 19, in his Vauxhall Calibra.
Police said the cars were travelling in opposite directions on Bounds Green Road, with the black Omega going westbound and the red Calibra heading east.
The accident involved a Vauxhall Calibra and a tractor and trailer unit in Nuthurst Lane, Astley, at 4.