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city in southwestern Colombia in a rich agricultural area

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As only minutes remained on the clock, Cali won a free kick from some distance.
Cali also appears in four transactions in the register of another notary.
Cali was a resident in the city of Candia in the first part of the fourteenth century.
The Montclair State community mourns the loss of John Cali, a kind and caring man, who did so many great things for our School of Music, for our students and faculty, and for countless others in Montclair and beyond," Montclair State University president Susan A.
Cali School of Music is a beautiful testament to the wonderful life lived by this community leader an extraordinary human being.
Cali used having less players on the pitch to their advantage as they then had more room to play.
This result leaves Cali on top and yet to concede a single goal this season and maintain their 100% record.
VI Salon de Arte, Sociedad de Mejoras Publicas, Cali
Cali produced some lovely runs with solid defending and some great keeping, which paid off when Josh Tuckey screamed a left-footer for Cali in the dying minutes to emerge 2-1 winners.
Cali quickly opened the scoring with a lovely shot from Josh Fenny, but Hartlepool immediately replied with the equaliser.
The second half saw Cali looking for the win with Billy Round, Charlie Morris and Olivia Bullock leading the Cali charge.
Cali man of the match was striker Reece Littlewood.
The Darlington forwards continued to attack, coming close on several occasions, but still the Cali defence stood strong.