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city in southwestern Colombia in a rich agricultural area

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Jordan Turnbull getting the second saw Cali 2-1 up at half-time.
The second half saw Cali battling the now blustery conditions and Hartlepool again pulled the game back to level pegging.
Cali man of the match was Bradley Hayden for a good display.
Cali also appears in four transactions in the register of another notary.
Cali was a resident in the city of Candia in the first part of the fourteenth century.
Among her testamentary dispositions, Cali mentioned her sister, Albani, who was married to a Greek priest, Stephanos Curtichi, and her aunt, Anica Bocontolo, whose name was entirely Venetian in origin, if not in fact.
CO: Cali Realty Corporation ST: New Jersey IN: SU: PER
Cali Realty Corporation was formerly known as Cali Associates.
A prospectus relating to these securities has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and is available from Cali Realty Corporation, 11 Commerce Drive, Cranford NJ 07016.
CONTACT: Loretta Brodsky of Cali Associates, 908-272-8000, or John Lonsdorf of Roberts & John, 201-331-1070/
Cali Family and his Foundation will be largely used to provide scholarships to School of Music students with the balance devoted to establishing a full time professorship.
Cali is a graduate of Montclair State and has been a member of the University's Board of Trustees since 1991.