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the largest city in southern Alberta

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The 1951 Census revealed that just 32,033 Calgarians (24.
8220;The 'digit divide' is yet another obstacle faced by low-income Calgarians,” said Lorna Curran, CUPS Communications Manager.
A native Calgarian, Rempel brought the Harper government's vow that the "West means business.
Roughly 20,000 Calgarians claim Persian roots, according to census data.
Seventy-five thousand Calgarians were placed under mandatory evacuation and Canada's oil and gas heartland--the engine of our economy--was shuttered.
Demand for hockey by Calgarians who already attend games would fall if a new arena complex included arts and cultural space, while demand for Oilers tickets by non-Edmontonians would rise substantially if a casino were built alongside a new arena.
Composer Arthur Bachmann, a violist with the Calgary Philharmonic, is no stranger to Calgarians since a number of his works have been performed in prominent venues.
Calgarians simply refer to The Week, and for 10 amazing days in July the Heart of the New West resembles something from the Old West.
Calgarians simply refer to it as 'The Week' and for 10 amazing days in July, the 'Heart of the New West' resembles something from the Old West.
Calgarians simply refer to 'The Week' and for ten amazing days in July, the Heart of the New West resembles something from the Old West.
This message is detrimental to facility users, Calgarians in general, and professionals and politicians responsible for land use decisions.
Assume the data show that fifty of the Calgarians and twenty of the Edmontonians share a propensity to the disease.
One interesting possibility comes from Calgary where a number of organizations have produced a report titled "Dashed Dreams, New Realities: Calgarians Talk Frankly about the Impact of the Economic Downturn".
It's just one element of the Stampede which Calgarians embrace wholeheartedly and with a tremendous sense of pride in what is, for them, the biggest event of the year.
So it was with tongue firmly planted in cheek that ceramic artist Marty Shuter set out to break tradition as she confounded Calgarians with ominous chicken shadows, brooding chickens and a wall of 'eight-point' trophy chicks.