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the largest city in southern Alberta

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This is in spite of the fact that Africans have a considerably high labour force participation rate in the Calgarian job market.
A native Calgarian, Rempel brought the Harper government's vow that the "West means business.
I was born and raised in Alberta, a Calgarian, moved to London, England, to attend university and thence to Ontario for 30 years, after which I returned in 1995 to Edmonton, the home of the University of Alberta.
O'Byrne was blistering in his assessment of fellow Calgarian Phipps, saying he's convinced the moderator will be turfed by United Church officials for his public denial of the divinity of Christ.
Canada Credit Fix's CEO Sheldon Wolf, himself a Calgarian, has stepped up to contribute to his city's recovery by donating $1000 to the Red Cross Flood Relief Fund.
The authors' fellow Calgarian, cable baron Jim Shaw, achieved broadcasting industry infamy this fall when he slagged Canadian television programs.
Artists including Quebec's Gregory Charles and Vancouver-based crooner Michael Buble will line up with newcomers such as Canadian Idol Calgarian Melissa O'Neil for one of the coveted Junos, which recognize everything from best pop album of the year to best contemporary Christian group.
Although Bennett was not a Calgarian by birth, he became one of Calgary's most renowned citizens by adoption.
Unless you are a character in the movie Waydowntown, a film written and directed by Calgarian Gary Burns which depicts four Calgarian office workers engaged in a bet as to who can stay indoors the longest, you WILL see some snow.
Many insurance companies will not even cover damages done to Calgarian homes.
Tom Pinder, now an 85-year-old Calgarian, was a gun-loader and a wireless operator back in 1942.
Stelmach--moderate, not Calgarian, and well liked--is the worst choice of the three finalists from a Liberal perspective.
The plan was to dig three tunnels in the new compound, and Wally Floody from Toronto was put in charge of three teams who would do the digging and a Calgarian, Barry Davidson, was the official scrounger assigned to somehow acquire ink, maps, stamps and original documents.