Calderon de la Barca

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Spanish poet and dramatist considered one of the great Spanish writers (1600-1681)

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Como Don Pedro Calderon de la Barca fraguara el aire y decoro de las Figuras artisticas con tanto cuidado, no ha habido adulterio que no se haya encontrado que fue culpa de la mujer, aunque hubiera sido forzada y burlada.
6) Thomas O'Connor, Myth and Mythology in the Theater of Pedro Calderon de la Barca (San Antonio: Trinity University Press, 1988); Everett Hesse, "The 'Terrible Mother' Image in Calderon's Eco y Narciso", Romance Notes 1 (1960): 133-36.
The Play of Power Mythological Court Dramas of Calderon de la Barca.
Using this methodology, the four most popular dramatists are Juan de Matos Fragoso (eight comedias analyzed), Juan Bautista Diamante (six), Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla (five), and Pedro Calderon de la Barca (seven).
Leavitt, geralmente, nos autos sacramentais os 'graciosos,' como aqueles de Pedro Calderon de la Barca, abordavam tematicas concretas nas suas conversas, tais como a fome e a carencia dum lugar onde ficar (137).
To this he adds a perceptive analysis of a famous sequence in Don Quixote climaxed by the puppet theater of Maese Pedro (alias picaro Gines de Pasamonte) revealing how Cervantes creates therein a microcosm and history of the early stages of Spanish theater, a poetics of jongleuresque performance, and an image of the survival of those traditions alongside the vigorous growth of classical Spanish theater in the seventeenth century shaped by Lope de Vega, Tirso de Molina, and Calderon de la Barca.
Written by Calderon de la Barca and adapted by one-time Everyman playwright Adrian Mitchell,above, it is the story of a peasant and his daughter who put up a troop of soldiers in 17th-century Spain with both comic and tragic consequences.
In these texts, certainty is replaced by a variety of questionings resembling those presented by Neruda in El libro de las preguntas (1974; The Book of Questions, 1991) or the philosophical insights of Calderon de la Barca and Antonio Machado.
The play is based on a classic 17th century dark comedy called "Life is a Dream" by Calderon de la Barca.
Jose Maldonado's exhibition cast itself as a "version" of the famous play by Calderon de la Barca, El Gran Teatro del Mundo (The great world theater, ca.
Lope de Vega (El amor enamorado) and Calderon de la Barca (El laurel de Apolo) also use the Ovidian tale of Apollo and Dafne to praise themselves and to give cautionary advice to the king in their respective court plays.
Life Is a Dream,'' one of those admired but rarely performed classics of world drama by Spain's Pedro Calderon de la Barca, is in Glendale in a crackling new production by A Noise Within.
THEATRE: The Mayor of Zalamea by 17th century Spanish writer Pedro Calderon de la Barca is a stunning debut by the new Everyman/Playhouse director Gemma Bodinetz.
Eco y Narciso en el mito y en la alegoria: Los ejemplos de Sor Juana y de Calderon de la Barca.
Although its marketing by Cambridge borders on the hyperbolic (the blurb inside the cover flap announces, "Don Pedro Calderon de la Barca [1600-1681] is Spain's most important early modern dramatist": what about Lope de Vega?