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United States sculptor who first created mobiles and stabiles (1898-1976)

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Calder also develops key concepts such as "liberating occupation" with which to understand the prospects of long-term base stability.
Judge Lady Dorrian, at the high court in Edinburgh, also told Calder to re-sit her test and gave her a five-year ban.
IT expert Calder, who has worked for oil giants BP in Aberdeen and London, said: "I started to use GHB in 1994, primarily as a sleep aid.
The landmark Calder decision established that Aboriginal title existed under Canadian law.
Calder, indomitably pursued the matter all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada," the Globe and Mail noted.
We should start a campaign to restore our greatest archaeological asset - the Calder Stones - and in time for the Capital of Culture.
Calder believes that printers absolutely should expect that the ink that they buy will perform perfectly.
When a big story broke, Calder directed coverage with military precision, throwing numerous reporters and scads of money at it - he'd send sources on impromptu vacations, ensuring their stories' exclusivity.
Skillfully placing American buying habits within the context of culture and history, Calder describes how the Victorian money management ethic distinguished between the producer debt of farmers or small business folk, and self-indulgent consumer debt.
Clive's personality is such that his work is also his pleasure, and his focus is on what he loves--music and business," says one veteran exec who has dealt with Calder.
At various times during his life, Alexander Calder worked as a sculptor, painter, illustrator, designer and printmaker, but he is best known as a metal sculptor.
In particular, Calder highlights the development of two new credit instruments during the 1920s: legalized small-sum lending and installment selling.
Financing the American Dream: A Cultural History of Consumer Credit, by Lendol Calder, Princeton, N.
Alexander Calder is renowned as the creator of two of the greatest sculptural innovations of this century: mobiles, those magical moving sculptures hanging in major art museums and modernist building lobbies across the globe, and stabiles, the large-scale abstract constructions that lighten the mood of otherwise stark public spaces in many cities.