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a soft bluish-white ductile malleable toxic bivalent metallic element

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Massachusetts, US-based private equity firm TA Associates has invested in UK-based calcium compound biologics manufacturer Biocomposites, with senior credit facilities from North Carolina, US-based asset management firm Barings, the company said.
According to the scheme the material balance of calcium compounds can be represented by marking C as the total concentration of calcium compounds in the solution, as follows:
However, geopolymer has better chemical resistant than Portland cement due to the absence of calcium compounds [2].
The process uses a small rotating furnace, in which cesium-contaminate soil is mixed with calcium compounds to promote a reaction before the materials are heated at 1,350 degrees Celsius.
4 August 2011 - Rating agency CRISIL yesterday upgraded the outlook on two loans of Indian calcium compounds maker Global Calcium Pvt Ltd to "positive" from "stable", while reaffirming their rating at BBB.
Ordinary calcium products can only be absorbed after the calcium compounds have been converted into an available form with the help of gastric acid.
They found that adding calcium compounds can help inhibit bleeding.
But the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans knew about calcium compounds long before Sir Humphrey's time.
Stomach acid may be necessary to dissolve calcium compounds so that the calcium can be used elsewhere in the body, Metz says.
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