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New Paper Published in Science Translational Medicine Reports Anti-Epileptic Activity of Z944, a Novel Oral, T-type Calcium Channel Blocker in Clinical Development for the Treatment of Inflammatory Pain -
Our industry leading selective ion channel modulation platform allows us to identify product candidates that harness the potential of the electrophysiology of calcium channel blockers for acute and chronic pain.
Under the terms of the agreement, Neuromed grants Merck an exclusive worldwide license to research, develop and commercialize NMED-160 and other compounds that selectively target the N-type calcium channel.
AMEX:CYP) announced today that it received a notice of allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office of all 25 claims of a patent application which broadly covers the composition of matter and use of a novel series of neuronal calcium channel blockers ("NCCBs") for the treatment of a variety of neurological disorders, including stroke, head injury and neuropathic pain.
1 calcium channels took longer to fall asleep than normal mice, and stayed asleep for much shorter periods.
Our study highlights the important role of STIM1 and calcium channels in shutting down the immune response to chronic infection and in preventing injurious inflammation," Feske says.
Two of the four loci are related to voltage-gated transmembranal calcium channels, the authors noted.
The mechanism - a protein called Rap1 - controls L-type calcium channels, which participate in the formation of long-term memories.
Calcium channel blockers inhibit calcium ion flow through L-type calcium channels sensitive to voltage [8].
Aa Our new approach, watching calcium channels in action in living cells, allowed us to tease apart how they behave and how they're controlled and find a new module that could be targeted for drug design.
Whitehouse Station, NJ) will terminate the research collaboration and license agreement for novel compounds targeting N-type calcium channels for the treatment of pain and other disorders, which the companies entered into in March of 2006.
By blocking calcium channels in the muscle of the heart and blood vessels, calcium channel blockers prevent calcium levels from building up in stimulated cells, leading to less contraction, increased blood vessel dilation, and decreased peripheral resistance.
It suppresses pain by selectively blocking N-type calcium channels on nerves.
Further experiments with hamster cells bearing thermoTRPs revealed that pure allicin opens the calcium channels.
The plasma membrane calcium channels can be divided into two subtypes.
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