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Therefore, in actual work, the cracks with small width and depth and with calcium acetate as the calcium source can be repaired most easily.
Therefore, in this research, the effects of temperature change were examined to enhance the precipitation rate of the calcium carbonate in bio based repair materials comprising yeast, glucose and calcium acetate.
In this group of patients, one third of the population was using calcium acetate binders and one half, vitamin D analogs.
The primary objective of this study was to demonstrate bioequivalence between the novel calcium acetate oral solution (Phoslyra) and PhosLo Gelcaps in healthy volunteers with respect to serum P levels and urinary calcium (Ca) excretion.
Although there is no evidence to show the safety of calcium acetate, both this preparation as well as calcium carbonate have been given to pregnant women undergoing dialysis.
Calcium carbonate plus the vinegar's acetic acid in water produces calcium acetate water and carbon dioxide.
The degree of bleeding was controlled when calcium compounds were added to the color paste: calcium chloride, calcium acetate, calcium hydroxide, calcium citrate, tricalcium phosphate and calcium lactate.
At the time of hospital admission, she was taking various medications routinely, including prednisone, erythropoietin (Epogen [R]), lactulose, acetaminophen (Tylenol [R]), calcium acetate (PhosLo[R]), sevelamer hydrochloride (Renagel[R]), and warfarin (Coumadin[R]).
22) The acetate ion in acetic acid combines with the calcium ion in calcium carbonate to form more soluble calcium acetate which is then able to dissolve within local blood circulation and be removed from the site of injury.
In this work, microcrystalline hydroxyapatite powder was synthesized from calcium acetate and tri ethyl phosphate in water and ethanol medium.
275 mmol/L calcium acetate in 60 mmol/L Good's buffer (pH 7.
Because calcium acetate is quite soluble and this may mask the true solubility of the nano HA, solubility measurements were not performed on this material.
When taken with meals, calcium carbonate has been shown to be as absorbable (39%) as other forms of calcium, including calcium acetate (32%), calcium lactate (32%), milk (31%), calcium citrate (30%) and calcium gluconate (27%) (1).
Calcium magnesium acetate (CMA), a mixture of calcium acetate and magnesium acetate, is used as an environmentally benign roadway deicer.